Broadcast thousands of messages from Mac machine via connected USB modem

DRPU Bulk SMS Software for USB Modem allows to compose and send large number of text messages from Mac machine to number of contacts using USB modem. Application is beneficial for sending business campaigns, job alerts, event alerts, greetings, invitations, notifications, standard messages etc. Apple Mac SMS Sending Utility provides facility to import contact numbers saved in text file formats and also allows user to add or paste number manually.


Advance features of Mac Bulk SMS Software-USB Modem:

  1. Text Messaging Tool for Mac facilitates advance delay delivery feature to control and manage load of bulk SMS.
  2. Software can deliver messages in multilingual languages to individual or group of contacts.
  3. Application allows to send unlimited text messages to global mobile phone network without requiring internet connection.
  4. Macintosh SMS Program allows user to save sent text messages to template for future reference.
  5. Software provides inbuilt exclusion list wizard feature to maintain the list of excluded contact numbers.
  6. Software provides option to skip duplicate phone number entries during message sending process.


Watch this video to learn how to broadcast SMS using Mac Bulk SMS Software-USB Modem

Procedure for sending unlimited messages from Mac machine using USB modem:


Step 1: Download and install DRPU Mac Bulk SMS Software for USB Modem in Mac machine.


Step 2: Connect USB Modem with your Mac machine.



Step 3: Run Mac Bulk SMS Software-USB Modem and click on option ‘USB Modem Connection Wizard’ to connect your USB modem with Mac machine.



Step 4: Software displays connected USB modem detailed information. Now click on ‘Use Selected Device to Send SMS’ option. 



Step 5: Select option ‘Load Contact File’ to import contacts from text files and click on ‘Open’ button.



Step 6: Now type your message in ‘Message Composer’ box. If you want to eliminate repeated contacts entries, check option ‘Skip Duplicate Numbers’. Press on ‘Send‘ button to send SMS.



Step 7: Software performing message sending process.




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