Bulk SMS Software: How to send group notification from PC via GSM mobile device

Bulk SMS software is useful for various business industries to promote and advertise their services via sending text messages from PC over worldwide. This software provides facility to connect GSM, Android or Windows technology based mobile phones with computer system to compose and send text messages in multilingual language. Mobile messaging application provides highly interactive graphical user interface to easily operate by any technical or non-technical user. SMS sender program allows user to send unique or personalized SMS to every contacts using excel file and provides option to save sent messages for future reference.

Salient features of Bulk SMS Software:

  • Software provides option to add or paste recipient contacts manually.
  • Facilitate to maintain excluded recipient numbers using exclusion list wizard feature.
  • Skip duplicate contacts entries during SMS sending process.
  • Allow user to send standard SMS or notification over worldwide.
  • Export contacts and messages in excel file format.
  • Advance delay delivery feature to control load of bulk SMS broadcasting.

Watch this video to learn how to send group notification from PC via GSM mobile device using Bulk SMS Software

Process to send group notification from PC via GSM mobile device using Bulk SMS Software

Step 1: Install DRPU Bulk SMS Software on Windows PC or Laptop.

Download Bulk SMS Software - Professional

Step 2: Connect GSM mobile device with PC using USB cable. We are using Nokia N97 GSM mobile phone for demonstration purpose.

Connect GSM Mobile With PC

Step 3: Run DRPU Bulk SMS Software, select “GSM Technology Based Mobile Phone” option and follow some steps.

Professional Bulk SMS Software

Step 4: Select COM port and click on “Use Selected Device to Send SMS” button.

Mobile Phone Connection Wizard

Step 5: Import recipient numbers from text or excel file using “Load Contacts From File” option. Type or compose text message and apply this message to list items.

Import Contacts and Compose Message

Step 6: Software provides option to send Standard SMS or notification. Select “Notification” option to send flash messages or notification and press Send button.

Send Notifications from PC

Step 7: Flash messages successfully received at recipient numbers.

Received Notifications

Download Bulk SMS Software - Professional

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