How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S5 Android Mobile Phone

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Hard Reset is a procedure where the users clears all the mobile phone data on mobile device whereby all the data, information such as contacts, messages, media files, documents, saved pages, web history, call details and other data saved in the mobile will be gone and the mobile device will look just like a brand new device without any data saved in it. So straight on how to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S5 Android mobile phone.


Do you want to learn hard reset/factory reset Samsung galaxy S5 Smartphone? This simple tutorial which will help you in hard reset/factory reset your Samsung galaxy S5 android mobile phone using button combination process. This tutorial, which is compatible only with the Samsung galaxy S5, can be easily completed even by a newbie who is using a Samsung Galaxy S5 Android Smartphone for the first time.

Follow These Simple Steps:

Step 1: Do shutdown of Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone, press and hold Volume Up key or Home key then press Power key until you will see Samsung logo on the screen.

Step 2: Open Android system recovery screen, select with volume down key buttons "Wipe Data/Factory Reset" and press power button to confirm operation.

Step 3: Confirm wipe of all user data? Use the volume down key buttons again to select “Yes--delete all user data” and press power button to confirm operation.

Step 4:  Now, wait until format wiping data is complete.

Step 5: Press Power key to confirm “Reboot System Now” operation and the phone will reboots, Wait until the phone restarts. We have highlighted the process of hard reset Samsung galaxy S5 through arrows in the images.

Step 6: Tap “Start” button to change the “Accessibility” Settings and after it, enter a device name to easily identify your device when you use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi direct. Tap “Finish” button.

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